Our top 5 limited edition ghds

Sat, 14 Jul 2012
by Sally

Following on from yesterday's look at pink ghds from over the years, we thought we would take a look at our all time top 5 limited edition ghds (excluding pinks).

Over the years ghds have come in just about every colour under the rainbow (although we still yearn for a silver ghd) including pink, purple, green, blue, red and white. So here goes, here is our ultimate top 5 limited edition ghds in reverse order.

In 5th place...

No 5: ghd Pure - Spring 2008

In the Spring of 2008, ghd released their Dark or Pure limited edition stylers. The ghd Pure was a white gloss ghd IV styler, with the marketing focussed around whether you had a 'dark' or pure' soul. We're definitely in the pure camp here at ghdCompare, so we loved the white gloss finish and it proved to be a very popular styler.

In 4th place...

No 4: ghd Rare - Spring 2009

We did like the black gloss Dark ghd, but our favourite black gloss styler so far has to be the ghd Rare released in the Spring of 2009. The Rare was a black gloss IV styler and came with a leopard print styler bag, which was very much on trend at the time.

In 3rd place...

No 3: ghd Red Gloss - Spring 2012

This year's red gloss styler was a real beauty, a lovely deep Red ghd IV styler and a great price point (exactly the same as the regular black ghd IV). The Red Gloss was part of the 'Red Or Black' promotion and there was also a black gloss styler available. There's still a few of these left, but they are going fast!

In 2nd place...

No 2: ghd Precious - Christmas 2009

Just missing out on the top spot is the ghd Precious gift set. The ghd Precious was 2009's Christmas cracker from ghd. As we have come to expect from ghd the presentation was simply stunning. A beautiful black ghd styler with floral design in silver and a ghd travel dryer in a lovely bag and presentation box. Any girl unwrapping a ghd Precious that Christmas would have been a happy one indeed!

And the winner is...

No 1: ghd Purple Gift Set - Christmas 2008

And the winner is... Well, for us, it has got to be the first ever purple ghd, released in time for Christmas 2008. A beautiful patterned purple ghd styler, a ghd travel dryer, purple ghd roll bag and 2 sectioning clips all parcelled up in a lovely presentation box. Beautiful and a worthy winner!

Do you agree with our list? What's your favourite limited edition ghd styler?

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