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Sally MacDonald

I can still remember my excitement on the day of the launch of the ghd Gold Classic Styler (also known as the ghd V Styler). As a self confessed ghd nut I was bursting with anticipation at the first major redesign from ghd since the IV Styler.

Whisper it, but in the preceding months I had actually been slightly converted to Cloud Nine, which had a host of advanced features and made the old ghds seem a little old fashioned. While I'm still a fan of the Cloud Nines, the minute our ghd rep demonstrated the golds I was back in love with ghd again!

So what was new with the Gold Classic?

Well, firstly, the barrel is slightly rounder than the IV, which makes the irons better for curling hair. Although my hair is short now, at the time I had long hair and loved wearing it down with loose ghd curls, which were a doddle to create with the gold styler.

The plates on the gold are also improved and glide through the hair easily without snagging or pulling. By the way, it might seem an obvious point, but it's a question I get asked a lot, so just to confirm... no the plates are not gold, they are ceramic (well, actually they are aluminium with a ceramic coating)! They are gold coloured though, which looks fab :-)

Needless to say, the ghd Gold is amazing for straightening hair, but hey, you already knew that! The plates heat up to around 185 degrees, which is the optimum temperature for straightening and they'll reach top temperature in around 15/20 seconds. Oh, and just in case you get distracted in that 15 seconds, they'll give you a friendly beep to let you know they are hot and ready to style!

Enhanced Safety

The Gold Styler has a host of safety features, like auto shut off after 30 minutes. This is useful if you're forgetful like me as I'm forever leaving my styler on, which can be pretty dangerous. Oh, while I'm on this, I'd recommend getting a heat proof mat to put your styler on. It will save you burning your floor, and I speak from experience here!

Which Hair Type?

The Gold Classic has 1 inch plates, which are best for styling medium length hair with normal thickness. For very long or thick hair use the Gold Max, or for short, fine hair use the Mini Styler.

Universal Voltage

What does this mean. Well, take your ghds on holiday, plug them in and they will work. Simples :-)


RRP on the ghd Gold Classic is £119, which is £20 more expensive than the IV Styler, but check out our deals on the right for some super savings.

So, in summary, the ghd Gold is a pretty amazing styler and definitely the best ghd to date. Go for the classic if you have medium length, normal thickness hair and you'll be straightening, curling, flicking and styling like a pro!

p.s. the ghd logo lights up, which doesn't make a difference to the styling, but I think looks mega cool.

Vital Stats

  • Top Temperature: 185 degrees
  • Plates: 1 inch, ceramic coated aluminium
  • Voltage: Universal
  • Safety: Enhanced
  • Also known as: ghd V Styler, ghd Mk5, ghd Gold Straighteners
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ghd Gold Straighteners

Got a set of these from about a year ago and they are a definite improvement on the old ones. I don't really curl my hair much, so can't comment on that but for straightening hair they are brilliant. Definitely don't seem to burn my hair as much either. I would give them 9 out of 10 as there is always room for improvement, but these straighteners are close to being perfect!

Wee Susie

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