ghd Eclipse v ghd Gold Styler

Tue, 11 Jun 2013
by Sally

In case you haven't heard (where have you been!?), ghd have launched a brand new styler for 2013 - the ghd Eclipse. The Eclipse styler is ghd's most advanced styler to date and the biggest innovation in their range since the launch of the IV styler back in 2007.

So, is it worthy of the hype and how does the Eclipse compare to ghd's current best seller, the Gold Classic? Here's a quick comparison between the 2 stylers to help you make a decision on which one to purchase.

Temperature Control & Cool Touch Technology

The Eclipse features ghd's new patented trizone technology, which regulates the plates and keeps them a constant 185 degrees (the optimum temperature for heat styling). The plates on the Gold series are amazing, but can occassionally be prone to hot spots, which cause that nasty fizzing sound when you are straightening.

The trizone technology ensures the temperature is exactly the same at all points on the plate, giving an even distribution of heat and therefore improved results when styling and less potential damage.

Additionally, the straighteners feature 'cooltouch' technology, which keeps the body of the styler cool and stops you from burning your fingers!

So, 1-0 to the ghd Eclipse.

One Size Fits All

The Gold series of ghd Stylers is available in 3 sizes (mini, classic and max), each designed for different lengths and thicknesses of hair. If you have long hair and cut it short, you might need to fork out for a new styler.

With the Eclipse there is only one size of styler, which can straighten and style thick, long hair just as easily as short hair with amazing, quick results even on Afro-Caribbean (see video here)

2-0 to the Eclipse.

Straightening Time

No contest here and while the Gold Styler is fast, the Eclipse takes things to a new level. Super fast results thanks to the even heat distribution and ideal for those mornings when you are rushing to get ready!

3-0 to the Eclipse!

Price and availability

Ok, this is where the Gold Styler claws back some points and there is such a difference in price that I think it is worth at least 2 marks.

The Eclipse is currently only available from premium salons and a select few online retailers (such as Feel Unique) and you will struggle to find a discount on the RRP of £195.

The ghd Gold Series on the other hand is widely available and you can normally find it for around the £100 mark from authorised online retailers.

So, the ghd Eclipse is effectively double the price of the Gold and far and away ghd's most expensive hair straightener to date.

Final score: 3-2 to the Eclipse.

So, The ghd Eclipse wins the battle and with so many advanced features and unbeatable performance is easily the best straightener that ghd (or anyone else for that matter) has ever launched. But is it worth the money? Only you can decide that!

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