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Wed, 01 Aug 2012
by Sally
katy perry

Katy Perry was announced as the face of ghd back in March 2011 and has since appeared in several glossy photo campaigns.

It's definitely a good match, for the last few years ghd have been trying to position themeselves more as a fashion brand and Katy is certainly at the forefront of fashion. She's also never afraid to try something a little different and that's just as well as over the last couple of years ghd have had her dressed up as everything from a 50s glamour puss to a mermaid!

We'll take a look at some of the photo shoots Katy Perry has done so far, let us know your favourite!

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Katy Perry 50s

ghd Iconic Eras - 50s

Katy's first ghd job was for the launch of the ghd's Iconic Era collection, which included 3 limited edition ghd stylers based on 50s glamour, 70s boho chic and 80s new wave. The image on the left is the 50s shot.

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Katy Perry 70s Boho Chic

ghd Iconic Eras - 70s Boho Chic

Our favourite image from the Iconic Eras collection was the 70s boho chic, in which Katy looked effortless, elegant and stunning.

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Katy Perry 80s new wave

ghd Iconic Eras - 80s New Wave

You'll need sunglasses for this brightly coloured image of Katy Perry to promote the ghd 80s New Wave styler.

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Katy Perry ghd Scarlet

ghd Scarlet

For Christmas 2011, ghd launched the Scarlet collection and to promote the launch Katy Perry was made up as a dark, sexy snow white, with a 1920s make over (loving the poison apple hotel!). The photos were shot by David LaChapelle and appeared in salon windows across the UK and beyond.

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Katy Perry ghd Scarlet

Katy Perry as snow white

Katy Perry, as snow white for ghd outside the poison apple hotel.

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Katy Perry as a mermaid for ghd air

Katy Perry for ghd Air

In February 2012, to promote the ghd Air hairdyer, Katy went one step further in the name of fashion dressing up as a glamorous mermaid, complete with blue and green metallic tail! The photos, again by David LaChapelle show Katy's hair in a bubble gum hue blowing over one shoulder with not a strand out of place. Not many girls could pull off this look, but we think Katy has succeeded!

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Katy Perry for ghd

Katy Perry for ghd

July 2012 saw the release of these new images, showing Katy Perry shot in classic black and white. This is our favourite Katy Perry ghd photoshoot to date.

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Katy Perry for ghd

Katy Perry for ghd

So, to date Katy has been a 70s boho queen, a 50s glamour puss, an 80s new wave chick, snow white and a mermaid. What will ghd think of next? We'll be sure to keep you up to date and we'd love to hear what you think of Katy's photos so far.

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