Pink ghds - Past and Present

Fri, 13 Jul 2012
by Sally
ghd cherry blossom

With the launch of the stunning new ghd Pink Cherry Blossom (left) this July, we thought it would be fun to look back at some our favourite pink ghds from over the years. Ah, the nostalgia!

ghd Kiss Pink...

ghd kiss pink

ghd Kiss Pink (2008)

So, we'll start with our all time favourite (after this year's of course!), the ghd Kiss pink styler. This was ghd's 2008 model and came in hot pink (still our favourite shade) with a lovely gift box and free lip gloss.

ghd Pretty In Pink...

ghd Pretty In Pink

ghd Pretty In Pink (2009)

2009's pink ghd was the ghd Pretty In Pink box set. Now as we said above, we prefer the darker shades so weren't quite as fussed with this one, which was a baby pink colour. Still the gift box was nice and the free bag and brushes made it a popular limited edition.

ghd Pink 2010...

ghd pink 2010

ghd Pink (2010)

2010 saw a break with tradition and for the first time the ghds themselves were not pink, this year they went for a white ghd styler with hot pink plates. The styler came packaged in a gift bag with a free make up compact. Pretty nice for a change.

ghd Pink Orchid...

ghd pink orchid

ghd Pink Orchid (2011)

So, what was last year's limited edition pink ghd. Well, perhaps the question should be was it really pink? The ghd Pink Orchid was the first pink ghd to be launched in the ghd Gold Series range, and was a black styler with, ahem, pink plates... but we always thought they looked a bit purple!

What's your favourite pink ghd?

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